WRS specializes in the training and showing of Quarter Horses, but we have experience with many breeds and discplines and welcome all. We aim to train equines to provide a pleasant and safe riding and showing experience.

Our training philosophy revolves around helping horses discover and develop their potential through patience and respect.

A normal training schedule consists of daily riding five days a week by a trainer as well as lessons with the client aboard.

Training is based on the client's needs and the horse's ability.

Full-Time TRAINING Cost $900.00 per Month based on 12 months / calendar year


Month / Month TRAINING Cost $1,000.00 per Month (less than 12 months)


All TRAINING questions please send to the email listed below...


Whitney Lagace, Head Trainer
Owner Whitney Lagace is the head trainer and instructor at WRS. A talented and respected trainer, Whitney has earned herself a reputation in the field as a knowledgeable and skilled professional. Whitney serves as board member of Connecticut Quarter Horse Association (CQHA), a board member for AQHA's Region 6 Show, and a member of the AQHA Show Committee. She is also a member of the AQHA Professional Horsemens' Association.


Ashley Hall, Assistant Trainer
Ashley is an assistant trainer at WRS. Ashley's cheerful and positive attitude make her a great member to our team.












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